Want to know what was keeping me busy all spring?!?! When the other arm breaks...

I know, I know! It's been SO quiet around here. I realize I haven't written a post since April. It's now June so that's two whole months and I've missed writing. 

But I've been a wee bit busy - here is what I was doing all Spring:

broken arms

Yes that's right - TWO broken arms! Little Lucy, broke her elbow being silly on her brother's bed "One little monkey jumping on the bed, one fell off and...." you know the rest.

broken arm

Then Kate, was running at the park and tripped in a hole...the following weekend! Except I wasn't there this time - I was in Nashville with college girlfriends. I think my husband, Jesse, just couldn't believe there was a chance we had another broken arm in the house so he iced it and said "you'll be fine" . This momma took one look at it when I got back into town and knew that forearms aren't supposed to be curved so off we went to the doctor, then x-rays, then the orthopedic. 

We got to know those orthopedics pretty well - they knew Kate was a tough cookie and that Lucy loved stickers and liked to play hide n' seek! We were there a lot.

But good news is that no one's injury was terribly serious and we got the casts off just in time for summer - yay!!